İşbank Private Banking Services

We pay close attention to your risk profile and return expectations so that we can evaluate your investments in the most appropriate way.

We offer asset management services enriched with special financial solutions and distinctive applications, with our strong financial subsidiaries and expert, respected portfolio managers.

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Privia Asset Management

We are ready to offer you a personalized financial planning approach together with our strong and experienced affiliates to achieve your goals.

For comprehensive wealth planning, we ensure that you have access to competent experts from different fields under one roof, and that all your assets are managed effectively and in harmony with your financial goals.

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Privia Black

Meet the privileged world of Privia Black credit card!

Listening to unheard stories in undiscovered places, trying flavors that even a gourmet has never tasted, getting lost in the endless blues… Just imagine, feel the prestige and comfort that Privia Black offers you at every moment of your life.

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Privia Privileges

Privia Solution Partners

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